Good Vibes, Good Life Book Summary (With Pdf)

The book “Good Vibes, Good Life” explores methods for unlocking one’s true potential by cultivating self-love, practicing self-care, achieving one’s desires, and transforming negative emotions into positive ones through simple strategies and techniques for a joyful existence.

The author discusses his childhood life and how he overcomes the situation with positive thoughts and the law of attraction. He suggests the ideas in his book on how we can use them and balance our lives.

This wonderful book lets you make your lives happier, healthier, and prosperous.

Let’s first talk about the book’s main theme, i.e., self-love.

What is Self-Love?

King believes that loving yourself is essential for growing and feeling good. According to King, the most important aspects of self-love are.

  • Accepting all parts of yourself, even your flaws and weaknesses, without judging or judging yourself.
  • It is prioritizing one’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This can involve activities like exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, and seeking professional help when needed.
  • He replaces negative thoughts and harsh self-criticisms with positive affirmations and compassionate self-dialogue.
  • He understands and respects one’s own limits and needs and can communicate them to others.
  • Letting go of past mistakes and understanding that errors are part of the human experience and growth.

Self-love allows us to find a balance between mindset and action. Stumbling, falling, and feeling lost are all signs of imbalance. Life will start to love you back when you Love yourself.

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Chapter Wise Book Summary Good Vibes, Good Life

Part One: A Matter Of Vibes

In this chapter, Vex discusses his student life as a college student. He faced financial struggles because he could not purchase his coursebook.

During his summer term, he returned home for a break. He had no money left, and everything felt hard. Vex decided not to return to university as he was not enjoying the work and lacked the motivation to complete his work assignment.

His friends were enjoying the summer holidays, and he was forced to find a summer job.

One evening, he came across a book called THE SECRET. It was a very famous book among the people, and many people benefited from it. This book was based on the principles of The Law Of Attraction.

King introduces the idea that everything in the universe, including thoughts, feelings, and physical matter, is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies.

This is rooted in the Law of Vibration, a key principle in understanding how we interact with the world.

King ties the concept of vibration to the Law of Attraction, suggesting that like attracts like. This means that by thinking and feeling positive, we can attract more good things into our lives. Although, it is difficult to remain positive all the time.

The Law of Vibration And Good Vibes

How can we change our feelings by thinking differently? Techniques such as mindfulness, positive affirmations, and visualizations are recommended as tools for elevating our vibrational frequency.

According to the writer, our environment significantly impacts our energy and mood.’

Thoughts play an important role in anyone’s life. For example:

“If we think about bad past events, we feel sad, and if we remember some good memories, we feel good.”

We want to live a life filled with happiness and love, which are the highest-vibration feelings. In contrast, hatred, anger, and despair have a low vibration.

The author emphasizes the importance of self-love and raising your vibration. You show that you care and like yourself. By this, you feel good and also attract good into your life.

You will live a life you love if you love yourself.

The Law of Vibration And Good Vibes

Part Two: Positive Lifestyle Habits

King says that you can aim to feel better by vibrating higher. He tells us the importance of good lifestyle habits to help you achieve higher vibration.

In his book, he shares some examples, like listening to music, touching a loved one, exercising, laughing, spreading kindness, sleeping deeply, and engaging in physical movement and other activities you like.

It won’t solve your problem, but it will make you feel better. This is a temporary solution.

However, practicing meditation can improve your brain function. Gradually, you will learn to tackle your difficulty calmly.

He discusses the importance of surrounding yourself with higher, vibrant people who have positive thinking, less criticism, and want to find solutions instead of only paying attention to the difficulties.

According to the law of vibration, We attract people who vibrate at the same frequency. We need to attract more positive people into our lives to make the good vibes around us stronger.

It’s difficult to smile when things are going wrong, but when you act kindness, express gratitude, and try to find positivity, you feel good. When you feel good, hormones called endorphins release that happy hormone.

Indeed, our physical and physiological makeup can influence our thoughts and emotions. We can change our outer state by changing our inner state.

Part Two Positive Lifestyle Habits

Take Some Personal Time And Find Inspiration

It is important not to underestimate the importance of taking time to relax. It is essential to spend time alone.

If you spend most of your time with your friends, spouse, and children, this might seem a little cruel. It’s not that you don’t like them. But you must take a break, breathe, and recharge yourself. Occasionally, You need to be alone.

You must keep it simple, like going for a stroll outside, working in your garden, sitting under a tree, or looking up at the stars.

Vex recommends being motivated and optimistic. You can find inspiration by reading self-help books, or Novels. Remember that inspiring movies can be very helpful.

You should invest your time wisely by doing something constructive to improve your life.

In this book chapter, part two, Vex also discusses the food we eat. He categorizes food into four parts and discusses its vibration on our body.

  • First Category Food: Fresh fruits, Vegetable, olives, almonds, hazelnuts, Sunflower seeds, soya, and coconut
  • Sound Category Food: Boiled vegetables, milk, butter, egg, honey, peanut oil, sugarcane, and wine.
  • Third Category Food: Cooked meat, sausages, coffee and tea, chocolate, jams, processed cheese, and white bread.
  • Fourth Category Food: Consists of alcoholic spirits, refined white sugar, and bleached floors.
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Gratitude And Self Study Of Emotions

He said that being thankful is one of the simplest and most powerful habits you can cultivate.

By counting your blessings daily, you can focus on positivity and look good in everything in your life.

Greatness starts with being grateful.

It is easy to say ‘thank you’ without actually meaning it. It is the main concern to show gratitude to feel grateful.

The author offers some suggestions for altering our mindset and examining our feelings. How can we change our negative feelings into positive ones?

  • Identify: Change your emotional state by identifying what emotion you are feeling.
  • Challenge: Next, you should ask yourself why you feel like you do. Which thoughts are responsible for this?
  • Understand: You need to understand why you feel certain things and use them to learn and improve.
  • Replace: We must replace these negative thoughts with positive ones that make us feel confident.
  • Visualize: Imagine yourself handling the emotion you are feeling now in the future. You will know exactly how to handle it next time it comes up in your life.
Gratitude And Self Study Of Emotions

Part Three: Make Yourself A Priority

It is much easier to see the good in life when you are around positive people.

Your personal growth happens over time, and it can take a long time to reach a point where you are not affected by other people’s actions. It’s sometimes necessary to let go of people who keep cutting you.

People can be toxic, too. You might have a toxic person who’s terrible for you, who’ll make you feel bad about everything, expects too much from you, and doesn’t show any respect at all.

You lose your inner peace and feel lonely when you’re with those people.

It’s difficult to end a toxic relationship, but when you do, you will experience a river of positive energy.

We must review our actions if we want everyone else to stop being toxic. The most important relationship is with yourself, so you should eliminate your own toxic habits.

A bad relationship saps our goodness. We provide complete assistance to individuals who fail to meet our expectations but are willing to try.

No one of us is perfect, so no relationship is perfect. You might be wasting your time with someone who doesn’t want to improve.

You can’t change those who are not ready to change.

Part Three Make Yourself A Priority

Choose Your Real Friend And Face Your Family

The definition of friend has changed since the evolution of social networking platforms. Friends aren’t real and can’t help you in tough times.

But they are just virtual friends, and they are based on drinking, smoking, parting, or gossiping. Now, we call anyone a friend, even someone we meet once a night. How many of these people are actually your friends?

We can also try to understand their intentions. Almost all of our loved ones genuinely have good intentions for us. The people they care about want us to be happy, successful, and prosperous.

To recognize love despite criticism, you must understand everyone’s perspective.

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Handling Negative People And Don’t Try To Please Everyone

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Negative people can affect you in many ways.

  • People with low vibrations drag others to their level.
  • Someone attempted to dim your light when you were shining bright.
  • People don’t usually like people who are different from them.

Hopefully, it’s clear to you now that you shouldn’t try to please everyone around you. You can’t make yourself happy, nor can you make others happy.

Here are some important reminders to help you remain calm when someone is talking negatively about you. You will start to realize that silence and joy are the best defenses.

Stop being a people pleaser and start pleasing yourself.

Part Four: Accepting Yourself

According to Vex, you must make a difference in your life because you won’t always be the center of attention. Let’s learn to have fun and take care of ourselves. Encourage thinking positively about yourself.

It’s great to take care of oneself regarding physical appearance. We should also try to feel good about our skin and look after our bodies. We can only see our beauty if we live our life.

Furthermore, we often feel sad because of comparison. And comparing our lives to others, as seen online, is a waste of time and energy. People only post pictures on social media when they are happy and successful, not when they are tired or lonely.

To be the greatest version of yourself, you must focus on yourself and your goals.

Recognize Your Achievements and Embrace Your Uniqueness

We think success means being famous, rich, and having expensive things. But if you’ve overcome a difficult situation, that’s also a great achievement.

It is important to remember that you are achieving success each day by persevering in your efforts.

As individuals, we can improve ourselves and grow. We can go beyond our comfort zone and set ourselves new challenges. We’re often criticized by society for being ourselves.

Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself for making a mistake. The most essential thing is that you’re ready to change your mind and move forward.

Part Four Accepting Yourself

Part Five Manifesting Goals: Mind Work

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. “
Napoleon Hill

To achieve your goal, it is important to keep your energy high. If not, you might see things that you don’t think will happen in real life. Please be optimistic about your goals.

The author believes that positive thinking leads to a positive life. A positive attitude is better than a negative one.

Thinking positively means choosing thoughts and actions that help rather than hurt us; it results in the best possible outcome in any circumstance.

The conscious mind thinks, whereas the subconscious mind absorbs it. Your conscious mind is like a garden and your subconscious mind is like rich soil. You can plant seeds of both success and failure in this soil.

You choose which seed you wish to plant in your subconscious mind. When a bad event happens, take a moment and then think about your thoughts.

Instead of controlling what happens outside, focus on controlling your mind to respond to them. This allows you to regain control of your life and make it more enjoyable.

Part Five Manifesting Goals Mind Work

Changing Believes With The Positive Affirmation

It’s difficult to shift your mindset daily, but we can accomplish it. Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind.

Don’t underestimate the power of positive words. Affirmations are positive words that tell you what you want to do. You can say them many times, and it will become a strong belief in your mind.

For instance, the mother who informs my child that they are shy will reinforce the notion in the child’s mind. The child may not be shy, but rather resentful when they hear the same thing repeatedly. The kid might start to believe it.

Words have an important role in human life. Words can hurt you, help you and heal you. You can find power in everything you say and write. Try to be clever when saying or writing something.

If you have a clear intention, the universe will do wonderful things. When we write and repeat the same thing, the manifestation process begins and things begin to unfold in your favor. You will be able to achieve your dreams.

Achieve Your Goals

According to King, one is responsible for shaping their destiny. If you write down your dreams, they are more likely to come true.

Note your goal on paper or in your diary with a pen and paper. What are you looking forward to in the future?

Your goals should be specific. King provided us with some key point information to use it, too.

  • Be Honest
  • Write them in the present tense
  • Make them Positive.
  • Write them in your voice
  • Be specific

Using visualization can help prepare your brain for the event.

The brain and the nervous system cannot distinguish between what is imagined and what is real.

If our brain thinks our ideas are true, our lives will also reflect that. It’s like imagining yourself to be more confident than you actually are, and our brain believes it.

Rumi may have also said that the:

” Universe might not be available to you if you’re not attuned to it. The universe is present within you, and you have the ability to bring it to light through your words, actions, emotions, and beliefs.”

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Part Six Manifesting Goals: Taking Action

Taking small steps towards goals is important instead of big ones.

Sometimes, taking small steps toward your goal can appear as opportunities to take action. If you don’t act, you will miss the rewards.

I have observed that many individuals know the appropriate course of action yet fail to execute it. They rely on the justification or an easier solution because the real solution takes too long.

Step out of your comfort zone and face your fear. Growth takes place when you are challenged, not when you are comfortable.

We must persist to achieve our goal, which is the key to success. The same applies to the practice of meditation, affirmation, visualization, and any other positive activity. If you want to enjoy the benefits, you need to practice consistently.

Procrastination And The Conflict Between Faith And Fear.

With a consistent approach, we can establish habits that shape our lives. Lack of time is not an excuse. If you really want to do anything, you’ll prioritize it and then definitely get the time for it.

On the other hand, procrastination will delay your dreams. It’s a bad habit. It’s necessary to kill this bad habit if you really want to achieve your future goals.

There are some points to recognize in procrastination behaviors.

  1. Putting things off until the last day.
  2. Carrying out less urgent tasks before urgent ones.
  3. Getting distracted before and while doing something
  4. Face things when they are unavoidable.
  5. Clamming that you don’t have the time.
  6. Waiting for the right time or mood to do something
  7. Not completing the take all the time

We delay not just small tasks but also our bigger goals. The following technique can help you beat procrastination.

  • Get rid of every distraction possible
  • Give yourself the incentive to complete the task
  • Take breaks to do something enjoyable.
  • Be creative
  • Take some help if required
  • Give yourself a consequence for failing to take action.
  • Announce your intention to some trustworthy friends.

So carefully utilize your precious time for your dreams, and avoid toxic people and gossiping about them.

Faith is an active decision to make to maintain optimism.

Part Six Manifesting Goals Taking Action

Part Seven: Pain And Purpose

Aristotle, a great thinker, said that things happen for a reason. This can be applied to how every experience in your life is meant to shape you and help you become the best version of yourself.

Life will test you just before it will bless you.

Some of the best changes in life result from the most painful experiences. We must go through low points in life to gain wisdom, strength, and knowledge.

Remember that you’re in it for a reason when you pray for a change in your life. Life teaches us lessons that will make us the best versions of ourselves.

I believe that everyone has a purpose in life, a purpose to serve the world. This purpose and the experience of unconditional love and joy are the reasons for our existence. It is the purpose that provides us with meaning.

Pain And Purpose

Money: Greed And Finding True Happiness

In our infinitely abundant universe, money is nothing more than energy — neither good nor bad. Earn money to help you out, not to complete you.

Some people think that money is the cause of all bad things, but they still pray for it. It’s like when you go to Burger King; you make a purchase and then leave before you get your food.

Most of us want money to be financially free and live the life we want. That might include holidays, shopping, and not worrying how much we spend.

Everyone can have money, and the only thing that separates you from money is how determined you are and how you feel about it.

Kings also emphasize the importance of true happiness. How do we think about happiness and connect our desires with it? For example, if we achieve this goal, then we will be happy.

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