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Do you want to know how long your next speech or presentation will take to deliver?

Don’t worry about how long your speeches and presentations are. This user-friendly Speech Time Calculator is here to assist you. It also helps to know how many words are in a minute of speech.

Input the word count or paste your entire speech text into the tool below. It will quickly calculate the estimated time required to deliver your speech.

Select a speaking pace that matches your style, whether it’s slow, average, or fast.

Now, you’re equipped with a reliable estimate of the duration of your speech, making your preparation and delivery more effective and stress-free.

What Is Speech Time?

Speech time refers to the estimated duration it would take to deliver a piece of text as a speech or presentation out loud.

The speech time is calculated by dividing the number of words in the text by the assumed speaking speed in words per minute (wpm).

Speaking rates are usually slower than reading rates. Speech speeds vary, but a commonly referenced average speed for public speaking is between 125 and 150 wpm. This speed allows for clear articulation and audience comprehension.

For instance, if a presentation script contains 900 words and the speaking speed is assumed to be 150 words per minute, then the estimated speech time would be:

  • 900 words / 150 words per minute = 6 minutes

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Average Speech Time (Words Per Minute)

The average speaking rate for native speakers is around 150–160 words per minute. But it can vary a lot depending on how well the speaker speaks, their education, and what they’re talking about.

Speaking PaceSpeaking Speed
Slow100 words per minute
Average150 words per minute
Fast200 words per minute

Speaking Words Per Minute

Speech Rate CategoryWords Per Minute (wpm)
Slow Speech RateLess than 110 wpm
Normal Conversational Speed120–160 wpm
Presentation Speech Speed100–150 wpm
Radio Podcast Speech SpeedOver 150 wpm
Commentator Speech SpeedOver 250 wpm
Enthusiastic Public Speaking160–250 wpm

How Many Words Do We Spoke Per Minute?

There’s a lot of talk about rapid-fire speaking, but what’s the reality?

The speed varies in different contexts, like giving a presentation or hosting a podcast. Some naturally talk fast, while others prefer a slower, more measured approach.

  • Presentations are typically done at a fast pace of 100-150 WPM. This helps make them clear and concise.
  • While podcast hosts might ramp it up to over 150 wpm for a more engaging delivery.
  • Sports commentators often go even faster, exceeding 250 wpm, to keep up with the action.

So, don’t stress about hitting a specific speed next time you prepare a speech or presentation. You should focus on what’s easy and effective for you and your audience. That’s the real key to successful speaking!

A study examined how fast people talk affects how well they understand what they hear. They tested three speeds:

  • Fast (200 words per minute or 3.8 syllables per second),
  • Medium (150 words per minute or 2.85 syllables per second),
  • Slow (100 words per minute or 1.93 syllables per second), using 350 to 400 words long passages.

The results? When people spoke moderately fast, the listeners’ understanding dropped. However, there wasn’t a big difference in understanding between the slow and average speech rates.

The researchers talked about how to balance time and effectiveness when teaching.

Common Words to Speech Time Conversion

Word CountEstimated Speech Time (Minutes)
2500 words16.7 minutes
3500 words23.3 minutes
4000 words26.7 minutes
5000 words33.3 minutes
6000 words40.0 minutes
7000 words46.7 minutes
8000 words53.3 minutes
9000 words60.0 minutes
10000 words66.7 minutes

Speech Time for Common Page Counts

Number of PagesEstimated Speech Time
1 Page3 minutes and 20 seconds
10 Pages33 minutes and 20 seconds
20 Pages1 hour and 6 minutes
30 Pages1 hour and 40 minutes
40 Pages2 hours and 13 minutes
50 Pages2 hours and 46 minutes
100 Pages5 hours and 33 minutes
200 Pages11 hours and 7 minutes
300 Pages16 hours and 40 minutes
400 Pages22 hours and 13 minutes
500 Pages27 hours and 46 minutes
800 Pages44 hours and 26 minutes
1000 Pages55 hours and 33 minutes

*Note: These estimates are based on an average speaking speech

Speech To Word Time

Use a simple formula to determine how long a speech will take.

Determine Your Speaking Speed: This is crucial, as different people speak at different rates. Here are common speeds:

  • Slow: About 100 words per minute (wpm).
  • Average: Around 150 wpm.
  • Fast: Approximately 200 wpm.

Calculate the Word Count for a Minute Speech

know how many words in a 5-minute speech:

  • Use the formula: Word Count = Speaking Speed (wpm) × Time (minutes).

For a 10-minute speech, the calculation for each speed would be:

  • Slow: 100 wpm × 10 minutes = 1000 words.
  • Average: 150 wpm × 10 minutes = 1500 words.
  • Fast: 200 wpm × 5 minutes = 1000 words.

How Many Words In a 1 to 10-Minute Speech

Speech Length (Minutes)Words for Slow Speech (100 wpm)Words for Average Speech (150 wpm)Words for Fast Speech (200 wpm)
1 Minute100 words150 words200 words
2 Minutes200 words300 words400 words
3 Minutes300 words450 words600 words
4 Minutes400 words600 words800 words
5 Minutes500 words750 words1000 words
6 Minutes600 words900 words1200 words
7 Minutes700 words1050 words1400 words
8 Minutes800 words1200 words1600 words
9 Minutes900 words1350 words1800 words
10 Minutes1000 words1500 words2000 words


How Many Words Are in a 2-Minute Speech

For a 2-minute speech, assuming an average speaking rate of 125 to 150 words per minute, the estimated word count would be between 250 and 300 words.

How Many Words In A 3-Minute Speech

The number of words in a 3-minute speech can vary depending on several factors, mainly your speaking speed and delivery style:

Average Speaking Speeds:

  • Slow speaker: Around 110 words per minute (wpm) – 330 words in 3 minutes.
  • Average speaker: Around 140 wpm – 420 words in 3 minutes.
  • Fast speaker: Around 170 wpm – 510 words in 3 minutes.

How Many Words in a 5-Minute Speech

The number of words in a 5-minute speech can vary depending on the speaking speed. Here are some estimates based on different speaking rates:

  1. Slow pace (around 100 words per minute): 5 minutes x 100 words = 500 words.
  2. Average pace (about 150 words per minute): 5 minutes x 150 words = 750 words.
  3. Fast pace (approximately 200 words per minute): 5 minutes x 200 words = 1000 words.

So, for a 5-minute speech, you could have anywhere from 500 to 1000 words, depending on how quickly you speak. The average range is typically around 750 words.

How Many Words for a 10-Minute Speech

For a 10-minute speech, the recommended word count range is between 1,500 and 2,250 words.

To break that down further:

  • For a 10-minute speech at a slow, clear pace with dramatic pauses: roughly 1,500 words. This comes out to about 150 words per minute.
  • For a 10-minute speech, the average speaking pace is around 1,875 words. This comes out to about 185 words per minute.
  • For a faster-paced 10-minute speech, up to 2,250 words. That’s 225 words per minute.

Generally, 10-minute speeches tend to have between 1,800 and 2,100 words for an engaged speaking pace with some good pauses mixed in. This generally translates to 180–210 words per minute.

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