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Have you ever wondered how long it will take to read an article or book? As an avid reader struggling to estimate reading times, I solved this problem by building an online reading time calculator.

Do you know how long it will take for people to understand your next speech or presentation? This easy-to-use word-to-time calculator has you covered.

Enter the word count or paste the full text into the tool below. It will instantly estimate the time it will take to read or deliver your speech.

Choose between a slow, average, or fast speaking pace based on your style.

Now, you’ll have a reliable time estimate.

What Is Words to Minutes (Read Time)?

Read time or WPS refers to the approximate time it would take for someone to read a text aloud or silently.

The reading time is calculated by dividing the number of words in the text by the assumed reading speed in words per minute.

For example, if a blog post has 900 words and the reading speed is assumed to be 200 words per minute, then the estimated read time would be:

  • 900 words / 200 words per minute = 4.5 minutes

A large study examined more than 100 other studies with over 18,000 people. It found that adults’ usual silent reading speed is about 238 words every minute (as per Marc Brysbaert’s 2019 research).

  • Reading Time = 900 / 238 ≈ 3.78 minutes

Average Reading Time

100 wpm183 wpm260 wpm

Does This Free Tool Convert Words into Minutes

Presenting or recording a speech? This free online tool takes the guesswork out of timing your spoken content.

Whether you’re giving a keynote talk, hosting a webinar, or laying down an audio track, this word-to-time calculator is ideal for calculating exactly how long your script will take to present or record verbally.

Now, you can accurately plan the runtime of your speech or voiceover ahead of time!

How Many Words Do We Read Per Minute?

We’ve all heard claims about people reading lightning fast, but how true is it? A recent study analyzed tons of data (190 studies!) and found some surprising things about adult reading speed in English:

  • On average, people read silently between 238 and 260 words per minute (wpm). Fiction’s a bit faster, thanks to shorter words.
  • This is slower than many think. It turns out that those superfast reading claims might be exaggerated.
  • Speaking out loud slows us down reading aloud averages 183 wpm, about 20% slower.
  • Kids, older adults, and non-native English speakers tend to read slower.
  • Our reading speed is about as fast as we can listen: no need for fancy brain tricks, just good old listening skills.
  • Everyone’s different: some people naturally zoom through text, while others take their time. We’re still figuring out why.

So, next time you pick up a book, don’t worry about matching any speed records. Just relax, enjoy the story, and read at your pace. That’s the real reading superpower!

Bonus fact: This study also helps us understand reading in other languages. By comparing word length, we can guess how fast people might read in different languages like French or Spanish. Pretty cool, right?

I hope this simplified explanation makes the original text easier to digest! Remember, reading is a journey, not a race.

So grab a book, settle in, and enjoy the ride!

Common Words To Time Conversion

Word CountEstimated Reading Time (Minutes)
2500 words10.5 minutes
3500 words14.7 minutes
4000 words16.8 minutes
5000 words21.0 minutes
6000 words25.2 minutes
7000 words29.4 minutes
8000 words33.6 minutes
9000 words37.8 minutes
10000 words42.0 minutes

Reading Time for Common Page Counts

Number of PagesEstimated Reading Time
1 Page2 minutes and 6 seconds
10 Pages21 minutes and 1 second
20 Pages42 minutes and 1 second
30 Pages1 hour and 3 minutes
40 Pages1 hour and 24 minutes
50 Pages1 hour and 45 minutes
100 Pages3 hours and 30 minutes
200 Pages7 hours
300 Pages10 hours and 30 minutes
400 Pages14 hours
500 Pages17 hours and 30 minutes
800 Pages28 hours
1000 Pages35 hours

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