Our mission goes beyond just providing resources for reading and writing. We aim to be a catalyst for creativity, intellectual growth, and personal development through the power of books and words.

The Story Of Creative Aspirant

Creative Aspirant was founded in 2020 with YouTube with a simple mission: to ignite growth and motivation with book summaries, inspiring quotes, and insightful self-help articles.

As we connected with our audience, we saw the need for tools that empowered their reading and writing. This sparked the creation of our collection of productivity tools, designed to streamline learning and enhance creative output.

These tools are designed to make the reading and writing process more efficient and enjoyable.

Our Mission and Core Values

Today’s Readers, Tomorrow’s Leaders

More About Creative Aspirant

At Creative Aspirant, our entire approach revolves around cultivating a passion for reading and writing and assisting our readers and writers achieve their creative objectives.

We believe that words and ideas can change things. We’re here to help you get better and be more creative.

  • Get trustworthy insights! Our articles, guides, and book summaries are carefully crafted by experts and double-checked for accuracy. Meet the dedicated team behind it all below.
  • Our resources inspire and provide advice to over 1000 creative people.
  • Our newsletter, Creative Aspirant, is sent to over 500 people every week. It contains the latest books summaries, tools, and ideas.
  • We are more than just advisors; we are practitioners of the written word. Our team is made up of people who enjoy reading and writing, and they want to give the best information to our community.
  • Our goal is to help everyone on their creative journey. Whether you’re reading your first book, want to read faster, or become a better writer, Creative Aspirant has the tools to guide you.

Our Vision

At Creative Aspirant, our vision goes beyond just providing resources for reading and writing. We aim to be a catalyst for creativity, intellectual growth, and personal development through the power of books and words. Our vision encompasses several key elements:

  • We want to create a community where people from different places can unite, share their love for literature, discuss books and ideas, and feel inspired. This community will be more than just a group of creative people who help to encourage each other.
  • Our goal is to be known as a place where writers and readers can find the tools, information, and inspiration they need to succeed.
  • “We’re always finding new ways to make reading and writing easier, way more fun, and help you become a pro.
  • We believe in the transformative power of reading and writing, not just as hobbies, but as tools for personal and professional growth.
  • Our resources help you learn, think critically, manage emotions, and explore the world in a whole new way.
  • Trade social media for something better: reading! Creative Aspirant helps you build a reading habit that will change your life.
  • We know how popular these websites are, so we made blogs that combine social media and literature. These blogs help social media users find out more about reading. Our blogs use the power of social media to spark a love of reading and help people grow through books.
  • We know social media takes up a TON of time. We want to give you something way cooler to do – reading! The Creative Aspirant crew is all about helping you discover how books and powerful quotes can change your life.
  • We want everyone to love reading and writing forever. We see a world where books unlock imagination, build empathy, and change lives.

Meet Our Team

The team behind Creative Aspirant consists of enthusiastic readers, writers, and researchers. We share a love for passion and believe they can make a difference.

Monika Tanwar

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

I am a passionate writer and financial expert, holding a Bachelor of Arts in English Honors, a degree that fueled my love for the written word and honed my analytical skills.

I have been employed in the banking industry for a duration of 12 years and possess extensive knowledge and expertise in this field.

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Monika tanwar


Writer and Editor

Kanchan enjoys reading, writing, and making videos. She started writing and being creative because she loved books a lot.

Over the course of time, this affection has evolved into a profound fervor, propelling her to explore a diverse range of literary genres and themes. As she learned more about literature, she became better at telling stories.

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Aadhya Tanwar


Meet Aadhya Tanwar, the youngest yet one of the most passionate readers in our Creative Aspirant team. Don’t let her age fool you; Aadhya has already journeyed through the pages of over 100 books.

Her reading speed is a marvel in itself – with a bit of focus, she can immerse herself in a book and turn the last page within just 2-3 days. Even if she reads slowly, she can finish a book in about a week, which is really impressive.

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Aadhya Tanwar
Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Writer and SEO Manager

Manish Kumar is a seasoned book enthusiast and expert in the realms of health, fitness, personal finance, and self-help literature. Manish is an expert in these areas and has a wealth of knowledge to impart to the Creative Aspirant team.

The founder of Fit Life Regime, Manish channels his expertise into this platform, offering advice, tips, and motivation to those seeking to improve their fitness and financial well-being. His website helps people who want to live healthier and fit.

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