Do It Today By Darius Foroux Book Summary

Are you tired of procrastinating and constantly delaying your goals and aspirations? If so, then Do It Today, is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Do it Today by Darius Foroux is a comprehensive guide to achieving meaningful, successful life outcomes.

In this summary, you’ll find an overview of the central themes and strategies behind the Do it Today philosophy, as well as practical tips and tactics to help you reach your goals.

So, let’s dive in and discover the empowering wisdom.

Author Darius Foroux Intro

Darius Foroux is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and productivity expert. He writes about being productive, running a business, Stoicism, and making money.

He runs a popular blog and podcast, and has written several books on these topics, including:

His work emphasizes the importance of doing things and making progress, instead of being too focused on being perfect.

He encourages people to focus on what is important and take small, consistent steps towards their goals.

He also believes that productivity and personal development is not about working harder or longer, but about working smarter and more efficiently.

The Concept of Do It Today Book

The philosophy of Do it today emphasizes the importance of taking immediate action towards achieving one’s goals. The book emphases the importance of overcoming procrastination and taking advantage of the present moment to pursue our goals and dreams.

Putting off tasks or procrastinating can lead to missed opportunities and wasted time.

The author explores the psychological and practical aspects of procrastination, providing readers with strategies for combating this self-sabotaging behavior.

The book taught me to avoid delaying tasks and making excuses. This helped me write this piece and a bunch of other things on the site.

What Is Procrastination

Procrastination is the act of putting off tasks or decisions that need to be made until the last minute. It’s a common issue that affects everyone, regardless of age or background.

But why do we procrastinate? According to the book, there are several reasons why we put things off:

  • Fear of failure: Sometimes we procrastinate because we’re afraid that we won’t be able to do something well, or that we’ll fail.
  • Lack of motivation: When we are not motivated to accomplish a task, it can be a common occurrence to delay it.
  • Distractions: There are so many distractions in our lives these days, from social media to email to television, that it can be difficult to focus on the task at hand.
  • Perfectionism: We may delay starting a task because we want to ensure that everything is correct.

The Benefits of Doing It Today

The book discusses several benefits of overcoming procrastination, such as:

  • It can lead to increased productivity and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Taking action immediately can break the cycle of procrastination and avoid the negative effects that it can have on productivity.
  • You can make progress towards their goals with greater focus and speed.

How Do It Today Book help You Overcome Procrastination

The Do it today book can help you overcome procrastination by changing your focus from putting off to taking action right away.

By acting immediately, you can make progress towards their goals faster and with more focus. It also helps you get rid of the stress and anxiety that comes with procrastinating, which leads to a more positive and productive mindset.

It is important to act today to hold ourselves accountable. Doing it today is not about being overly ambitious or unrealistic, but about taking small steps that when combined lead to big results.

The idea is to encourage people to focus on what they can do today, instead of getting overwhelmed by what they have to do in the future.


Best Ways To Overcome Procrastination

So, how do we overcome procrastination? According to the book, there are several strategies that can help:

1. Time management

One of the best ways to overcome procrastination is to manage your time effectively. This means setting aside specific times to work and making sure you’re using them well.

  • Setting specific goals for each day or week.
  • Prioritizing tasks based on their importance.
  • Breaking larger tasks into smaller, more manageable ones.
  • Scheduling regular breaks to avoid burnout.

2. Goal setting

When our goals are clear, it is easier to stay motivated and focused. The author advised us to set goals and start taking action on them.

  • Making your goals specific, measurable, and achievable.
  • Writing down your goals, take action and review them regularly.
  • Celebrating your successes along the way

3. Prioritization

Darius suggested that we should focus on the most important tasks first to make sure we’re making progress towards our goals.

  • Identifying the tasks that are most important to your goals.
  • Creating a schedule that prioritizes these tasks.
  • Saying ‘no’ to tasks that are not urgent or important.
  • Try to avoid multitasking and focus on one task at a time.

Implement Do it today Book Principles In Your Life

Implementing “Do it today” in one’s life involves acting immediately, rather than putting things off for another day.

Here are some tips and strategies for putting “Do it today” into practice:

1. Prioritize Tasks

Make a list of the most important tasks you need to complete, and prioritize them accordingly. Use a priority matrix, which involves placing tasks on a matrix based on their level of importance and urgency.

Tasks that are both important and urgent should be done first, followed by tasks that are important but not urgent, and so on.

2. Make a List

Complete the most important tasks first. This will help you to focus on what is most important and to act today.

3. Set Realistic Deadlines

Setting deadlines for tasks helps to create a sense of urgency and to keep you motivated. Make sure that the deadlines you set are realistic and that you have enough time to complete the task.

Be flexible with your deadlines, as unforeseen events can occur. If a deadline is not met, re-evaluate and adjust it if necessary to ensure you can still achieve your goals.

How to prioritize tasks and set realistic deadlines

4. Act now

Instead of waiting for the perfect time or the perfect conditions, act now. Even if you can only complete a small part of a task, do it today.

This will help you to make progress and to feel a sense of accomplishment.

5. Stay motivated

Find ways to stay motivated and remind yourself of why you are doing a task. This can be anything from a reminder, a quote, a vision board, a picture, etc.

6. Learn and Take Support

Learn from mistakes and use them as opportunities to improve. This will help you to stay motivated and to overcome obstacles.

Find someone who will hold you accountable for your actions. The person can be a friend or family member.

7. Overcome obstacles

When you use the Do it today book technique in real life, you will encounter problems and difficulties. Learn to anticipate and overcome them. Be flexible and adaptable.

If you find yourself feeling unmotivated or facing obstacles, take a break. It helps to clear your mind, recharge your batteries and refocus.

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Overcome Obstacles

Strategies for Putting Do it today Lesson into action.

  • Start small: One of the easiest ways to put “Do it today” into practice is to start small.
  • Choose a small task: That you have been putting off, and act on it today. This will help you feel like you’ve done something good.
  • Use a timer: Set a timer for a specific amount of time and work on a task for that duration. This will help you to focus and to act on the task at hand.
  • Focus on one task at a time: Multitasking can be a major obstacle to productivity. Concentrate on one task at a time.
  • Distractions can be a problem for productivity, Such as turning off your phone, closing unnecessary tabs on your computer, and finding a quiet place.
  • Create a schedule :This will help you to stay on track and to act on your tasks.
  • Reward yourself: When you finish a task, reward yourself.


Do It Today is a practical and insightful guide that helps you overcome procrastination and achieve your goals. It focuses on the importance of taking action, building positive habits, and incorporating mindfulness into your daily routines.

If you are struggling with procrastination or lack of motivation, this book is a must-read. Using the Foroux strategies, you can get rid of procrastination and feel more fulfilled in your life.

Remember that any step forward is a step closer to success!

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Best Quotes from Do It Today Book

“The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started.”

“Procrastination is the thief of time.”

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is continually fearing you’ll make one.”

“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”

“The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being.”

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you implement that effort into your life, every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.”

“Procrastination is the enemy of progress.”

“Do it today, or you’ll be saying tomorrow what you could have said today.”

 “Take Responsibility For Your Today, And Create Your Tomorrow.”

Nothing is impossible if you take action every day.”

“The future is created by what we do in the present.”

This quote by Darius Foroux sums up the importance of acting today.

If you take small steps in the present moment, your future self is more likely to be surrounded by success and satisfaction.

Each small action helps you move closer to your goal, so it’s important to focus on doing something productive with your time now for a better future.

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