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The Case Converter is a free online tool that quickly transforms text into lowercase, UPPERCASE, Title Case, or sentence case with just ONE click.

Changing the capitalization of words and texts can be a time-consuming and manual task. But it doesn’t have to be!

Our new online case converter tool makes it easy to turn text into lowercase, UPPERCASE, Title Case or sentence case.

You can change text with a few clicks on this Case Converter tool. Just copy and paste your desired text into the input box. With

It can do the following, but not limited to that.

  • UPPER CASE to lower case
  • lower case to UPPER CASE
  • To Title case
  • Capital Case
  • UPPER, lower, to Sentence Case
  • to Alternating case
  • iNvErSe CaSe

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Know More About Case Converter Tool

The Case Converter Tool is a user-friendly online utility designed to modify text capitalization according to different formatting standards.

This tool is helpful for people who write, edit, create content, or work with text a lot and want to make sure they use capital letters correctly.

It eliminates the possibility of human error in text case formatting.

How To Use It:

  1. Input: First, input or paste the text into the tool’s text box.
  2. Select Conversion Type: Choose the desired case conversion type (Sentence, Title, Capital, Lower, Upper).
  3. Convert: Click the convert button.
  4. Output: The tool processes and displays the text in the selected case format.
  5. Copy/download: You can then copy and download the converted text.

Different Converter Text Cases

Our tool can handle all major types of letter cases in just a few clicks. You can give your text consistent formatting without tedious find-and-replace edits.

Sentence Case

This capitalization style makes the first letter of each sentence uppercase. All other letters are converted to lowercase. Perfect for generating readable sentences and phrases.

  • Original Text: “this is an example of sentence case.”
  • Converted Text: “This is an example of sentence case.”

Title Case

Capitalizes the first letter of all major words, except common stop words like ‘and’, ‘at’ etc. Useful for headings, book titles, and more.

  • Original Text: “welcome to the world of title case conversion.”
  • Converted Text: “Welcome to the World of Title Case Conversion.”

Capital Case

Similar to Title Case, but with no exceptions. Every word’s first letter is capitalized. Handy for acronyms, initialisms, or coding needs requiring all caps.

  • Original Text: “capital case conversion is like this.”
  • Converted Text: “Capital Case Conversion Is Like This.”

Lower Case

As the name suggests, lowercase mode converts all words in the input text to lowercase letters. Great for social media posts, informal writing, and anywhere else you want a lowercase aesthetic.

  • Original Text: “Lower Case Conversion Looks Like This.”
  • Converted Text: “lower case conversion looks like this.”

Upper Case

The opposite of lowercase, this mode changes every letter to uppercase for statements that demand attention. Ideal for legal disclaimers, powerful slogans, and bold announcements.

  • Original Text: “Upper Case Conversion is Quite Bold.”

Alternating case

Also referred to as the Opposite case, this mode switches the capitalization for every letter.

The first letter is formatted as an uppercase, the second letter as lowercase, the third as uppercase again, and so on in an alternating pattern. This unconventional look experiments with caps-locked excitement!

  • Original Text: “Alternating case is quite unique.”
  • Converted Text: “AlTeRnAtInG cAsE iS qUiTe UnIqUe.”

iNvErSe CaSe

It flips standard capitalization by formatting lowercase letters as uppercase and vice versa. The unique effect makes ordinary words appear exciting and new.

  • Original Text: “Inverse Case is Also Known As Spongebob Case.”
  • Converted Text: “iNvErSe cAsE Is aLsO KnOwN As sPoNgEbOb cAsE.”

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