The Secret Book Summary (Rhonda Byrne)

To utilize the Book The Secret, we must cultivate a sense of awareness and effectively manage our thoughts and emotions.

The book will teach you how to control your feelings and think positively. It will also help you discover who you really are and the great things in your life that await you.

Rhonda Byrne wrote The Secret. It shares with us the secret to having or doing the things we want to do.

We’re about to embark on a magical journey that’s already been grasped by some of the brightest minds.

The Secret is the Law of Attraction, which says that “like attracts like”, and our thoughts create our lives. 

Secret Book Intro

This book is based on the law of attraction. Everything in the universe is made of moving atoms and energy, even us. Prentice Mulford first discovered this law in 1891 in California. According to this law, whatever you want or strongly believe can be achieved through the law of attraction. 

John Assaraf, who is an entrepreneur and money-making expert, says, “We can have whatever it is that we choose. Does not matter how big it is? What kind of house do you want to live in? Do you want to be a millionaire?

The answer to these questions is yes, we can achieve this all through the law of attraction. To understand the law of attraction, we must understand how our thoughts affect us.

How Thoughts And Feelings Work?

You would be surprised to know that our thoughts also have a frequency that can be measured. Our thoughts are magnetic, and whatever we think reaches the universe, magnetically attracting likely things toward us.

Like a television station transmission tower, it broadcasts some frequencies. Which later forms a picture on our television set. If we want to see another picture, then we change the channel via frequency.

We don’t understand how frequency works, but we know that TV channels have a certain frequency. When we change the channel, we make it vibrate at a different frequency. 

Similarly, we are also human transmission towers. We are the most powerful tower in this world. Our transmission makes it possible for us to live and create a world for us to live. We transmit our frequency through our thoughts.

Dr. Joe Vitale, who is a metaphysician, marketing specialist, and author, says,

“Everything that surrounds you right now in life, including the things you’re complaining about, you’ve attracted.

We think that we don’t have any control over it. ” Our thoughts and feelings are on autopilot, and so everything is brought to us by default.”

That’s why when we feel bad, we attract bad things to ourselves. When we feel good, we attract good things to ourselves. 

Now, the author tells us the solution for not attracting bad things to us by default. And the name of this solution is ‘Secret Shifters’. With their help, you will attract good things to you even when you’re thinking bad by default.

Secret shifters mean remembering good memories, connecting to nature, listening to your favorite music, or doing something you like.

In this way, your negative thoughts will instantly convert into positive ones. And you will start to attract good things towards you.

Manifest Your Dreams Must Ask, Believe, and then Receive

The answer to this question is ‘love’. James Ray, who is a philosopher, explains it best, he demonstrates it through the story of Aladdin.

He says that when we think of Aladdin, the picture of him dusting his lamp and the genie popping out of it comes to our mind. And the genie told Aladdin, “Your wish is my command.”

And there is a limited number of wishes that Aladdin can ask for. But if we trace this story back, we will discover that the number of wishes was unlimited.

Here the genie is the law of attraction, he is always fulfilling all your wishes without asking any question. The genie thinks that his command is whatever you think, speak, or wish.

That’s why it is said not to think bad; otherwise, like the genie, it will fulfill all your demands, whether asking any question on whether it is bad or good.

What is the feeling that has the highest frequency

Law of Attraction To Achieve Success

This process is used to achieve what you want in your life just by following three simple steps:

Step 1: Ask: You have to be clear about what you want in your life. If you are unclear, you will send mixed frequencies to the universe by default, resulting in the universe sending you mixed results, too. When you are clear about what you want, then no one in this world can stop you from achieving it.

Step 2: Believe: The moment you ask about what you want, believe that the thing you want is already yours. You should have faith in the universe that he will provide you with that. For example, when you place your order, you should relax because you will receive what you ordered. Don’t get upset or angry, but have some patience because if you have demanded something, then just like a parent, the universe will get it for you.

Step 3: Receiver: You have to show happiness and gratitude because this puts you into the frequency of your gratefulness towards the universe. The fast way of getting into these frequencies is by saying, “I am receiving now. I am receiving all the good in my life, now, I am receiving [ fill in your desire ] now.”

Creative Process To Achieve Success

How Secret Miracle Improves Health

Now that you have faith in the law of attraction, you will also have faith and believe in what I will share with you next. This is about a woman named Cathy Goodman, who believes that laughter is the best medicine.

She is saying this because she had personally experienced it when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cathy would remind herself that she was completely fine, and every day, she told herself, thank god for healing me.

She believes that she has never ever been diagnosed with breast cancer. She watches funny movies to distract herself because stress is bad for healing.

You won’t believe it, but within three months without taking any radiation or chemotherapy, she recovered, and it only became possible because she remained positive against all odds.

The law of attraction can help you achieve health, wealth, and happiness in your life.

Wanna Level Up Your Financial Status?

Like Jack Canfield, let’s see how you can use wealth to attract money. His circumstances are very similar to ours, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to grasp it better.

When he was a child, his father always fed him negative beliefs about money, like rich people are responsible for the poor condition of the middle class and poor class people. Only bad people have a lot of money with them.

When he was growing up, he met W. Clement Stone, who taught him to set big goals, and if he were to achieve them someday, it would blow his mind.

At that time, he only earned $8,000 a year, but he wanted to make $100,000 a year, so his teacher taught him to close his eyes and visualize that he had already achieved it.

He even printed it and hung it on his wall so that when he would wake up, it would be the first thing he saw in the morning.

For about 30 days, nothing new happened, but in the 4th week, a new idea came to his mind: to sell his book for 400,000 copies, one quarter each. If he does this, then it will surely earn him $100,000. 

Then, about 6 weeks later, he gave a talk at Hunter College in New York to 600 teachers, which was another good opportunity for him to promote his book.

Thereafter, a woman approached him and said that she wanted to interview him, and she gave her card to Canfield.

Subsequently, she conducted his interview, and his book sales soared, finally achieving his goal. So we have to be patient for the law of attraction to work its miracle, and we should also take action to accomplish our goals.

If Canfield had never taken a step to make the public aware of his book, the law of attraction wouldn’t have been able to attract him to the women who made it possible for him to sell his books.

Wanna Level Up Your Financial Status

A Simple Way To Get Out Of Debt

Previously, we were talking about attracting money. But some people are already under so much debt that whatever they earn goes to repay the loan, they’ve taken. So I will tell you to get out of your debt first and then earn some money.

So, when a money-related topic comes up to you, don’t think about the scarcity or lack of it because by doing so, you’re not attracting it; you’re making it flee from you.

It’s the same thing when you’re in debt and want to get out of it by saying, “I don’t owe anything,” when you’ve got numerous bills to pay but don’t know how to pay them. Then don’t think about bills because, in this way, you’re making yourself attract more bills.

You are going to say that if bills surround us, then how is it possible for us not to think about them?

I will say that you shouldn’t forget about the ‘ secret shifters’. They will help your mind to think about the optimistic side of it.

How Thoughts And Feelings Work

How Can You Give Money But Still Make It Come To You?

What goes around, comes around. I’m hoping you’ve come across this expression a few times before. But do you know that it also works in real life? When you give, you’re telling the universe that you have plenty of money.

You must already know that most philanthropists are wealthy people, and they give away most of what they make. And by the law of attraction, they are flooded back with large amounts of money.

If you also want to be like them, then start giving with your full heart. You will feel more joyous in your life than you ever were before. As you will start to give, your universe will also start to attract you with more money.

The Secret To Making Your Relationships Prosper

Some people are very successful in terms of their business or career, but nobody knows what goes on inside. From the inside, they are very irritated, frustrated, and sometimes tormented. It is all because they do not have healthy relationships. 

An example will help you understand what I’m trying to say. This story is about a woman who believes in attraction, wants a partner, and has done everything possible to find the perfect partner. 

When she got home from work, she realized that what she had done was different from what she usually does, as she had parked her car in the middle of the garage. She swept her garage and parked her car on one side to make room for her future partner and send out messages to the universe.

She entered her bedroom and saw that all her clothes occupied space and had no room for her new partner’s clothes. She arranged her clothes to make room for her companion.

She moved to one side of the bed to make room for her partner. Before, she slept in the middle of the bed. Eventually, she found her soulmate, and they’re now happily married.

So, I hope that now you’ve understood how to make healthy relationships, you can also apply the law of attraction to strengthen your previous relationships also.

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