The Power Of Intention Summary (Wayne Dyer)

If someone asks you what your intention is, what would you replay?

You may say that, as most people think, it means a strong desire to complete a task. But in reality, intention is not limited to this; it is valued most.

Our book summary of The Power of Intention answers all these questions.

Let’s understand how to achieve goals and targets. There are many great factors in the Universe. Which brings us to our target.

Power Of Intention In Human Life

You can make every work possible based on strong intention. We found many things happening when we looked around, but no one was seen doing them.
It may have been the waves in the sea or the evaporation of water in the sea caused by the scorching heat. Or it may have been when we were in the form of sperm, racing with millions of sperm, and after winning the race, we landed on the Earth.

All these things are not possible without strong intentions. There is an intention behind every incident in the Universe. So, waves in the sea are in intention. There is intentional power in everything in the world.

It is the same as having a strong power of intention. When we see a seed, we can never judge that it has become a big tree.

Like that, we all have intention power; it makes us feel like we can’t think about it. There is only one thing that creates hindrance in our way, which is our ego. Because of this, we didn’t allow or intend to do work, which makes us in the best form.

If we keep the ego side and let the work of our intention, we can find our true potential.

Power Of Intention In Human Life

Believe In Yourself For Better Results

Believe in yourself to achieve your goal. If you look at history, you will find that people who believed in their ideas were successful in their lives.

If Edison had kept living in the dark, the bulb would have never been invented. It’s the same as Gram Bell, who thinks we can’t talk to people who are far away. Then, the telephone would not have been invented.

So, that intention has to work on us. We can also do that work, even though others think it’s Impossible.

Now, the question is:

How do our intentions work for our betterment?

Thinking about what you want to achieve is the way to do this. And now this thing is with you. Then you will understand that changes like this are not impossible. You have to follow the same rules for your future goals.

Whenever you think about any goal, first, you imagine you have achieved it. Just because of this, you will be comfortable with this success. And that hard work would be easy.

Because of this, when we think about any goal or dream, the intention becomes associated with that goal.

As we discussed, we should not ignore the power of intention.

For Example, we can see it in the Rajasthan Tribal community’s different dances. They believe in Sant Jasnath and don’t keep themselves away from the fire. When they have a special occasion, they dance on ember.

It can surprise you and us, but they have great faith in that. We can say it’s a power of faith. Believe awakens our intention. This intention reaches us to our goal.

Positive Mindset Works

A positive mindset links us with God.

  • Do you know why negative-thinking people will never be successful in their lives?

The reason is obvious: Nature and God show the positivity of things. If we are negative about things, then we are in the opposite way of God’s desire. When we go against the creator of this world, then how can we think about success?

As we think, positive things come to our lives because of God’s desire, while negative thinking is just because of the devil. That’s why you have to keep the positive side in mind. This is the only way to reach the goal. You can look at any holy book and see that they all have something in common: what they think they are.

and what kind of thought pattern he has become. It’s true that the kind of energy we have attracts the same type of energy in our lives. If we see ourselves as poor men, then slowly and gradually, our lives and mindsets become the same.

We will not take risks in our lives. After some time, we will observe that we are as we think. Our positive thinking must double when it comes to the universe. The same thing happened to our negative thinking.

It also doubled when we got it back. So, think that God will return you with double.

Positive Mindset Works

Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to live as God wants us to live. There is one question that we ask ourselves somehow in our life.

One question that has created trouble for human civilization for thousands of years. This question is also the cause of numerous Holy books. And many people make many attempts to understand it. But still, we are not sure of the answer to this question. The question is :

  • What is the goal of our life?

It may have happened many times, so I did not sleep and asked a question: What are you doing with your life?

Or is this the right thing for you to do? Or are all these things you are doing done by some supernatural power? What we call it God.

It would be wrong to say you will get the answer right now. Actually, this is an incomplete question. We are all part of God, which means we are all part of God’s Goal. What God desires should be our goal.

You can ask whether God has a goal. Does he also have to complete anything?

Yes, its answer is giving. God’s work also gives us peace and love in our lives. Should our goal not be the same if God’s work is peace and silence?

To find our goal, there is no need for some extra effort. Our goal is the same as our creator. When we execute tasks consistently, we will automatically achieve our objective. Because our goals show our full potential. We can follow the path of god when we reach our full potential.

Imagine If a businessman thinks his business has become very successful, but he also knows that his aim is to give love and peace to the world. Then, his good intentions will lead to success. He will also work on his aim after achieving success.

This enables us to understand that our success is linked to our goal. Throughout this complete journey, one thing is significant: Self-love.

God wants you to spread that love and peace to give to someone. First, you have to have it inside.

You can’t pour from the empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

Why is self-love so important in this process? Let’s understand in the next chapter.

Self-Love Is Essential For Happiness

Spirituality teaches us to love ourselves first.

How much do you love yourself? We all feel unhappy about our physical form or any part of ourselves differently. We hope maybe we will not like that.

Furthermore, we imagine we should be like this: I am not tall, I don’t have long hair, my skin color is dark, or might be I am not beautiful. We see our demerits first. Instead, we behave in front of the world like we don’t have any demerits. Is this God wanting us?

No, God does not want this. God wants us to love ourselves and have faith in our potential. If we make mistakes in ourselves, we will be able to find them only by the grace of God. And God is the only one who gives us the strength to remove our mistakes.

But during that process, we should not hate ourselves. However, we must also remove our mistakes from our way. As Mahatma Gandhi Said:

We should hate the sin, not the sinner.”

This is essential for our spiritual journey. We are part of God, so we have unlimited capability. We have a lot of potential that we can’t see and can achieve anything we can think of. God created us from his parts, and it’s because of that.

We have his creativity and ability. That is why there is a phase: we are God’s best creation. When we doubt ourselves, we doubt God’s ability. When we distance ourselves from that almighty God, we distance ourselves from our potential.

How can you love yourself? There are a few technics you can use to improve your potential.

First technique: Every day, stand in front of a mirror and say I love myself. Maybe it seems like you are arrogant. But in reality, you are enhancing your self-love. It shows you are filled with love & peace. And when you are filled with love & peace, you can distribute it to others. By this, you can unlock the power of intention.

Self-Love Is Essential For Happiness

God’s Power

God shows the way; choosing that way is the way to beat stress. How did we feel before we took a big step in our life?

We all understand that feeling. We said this feeling to stress and anxiety. When we try to do anything new and different, our inner failure pushes us into fear and anxiety.

We continuously think, if we feel we fail in this work, what will happen to us? What will our friends and relatives make fun of it?

Therefore, we can lose self-confidence when there is a lot of fear inside our minds. Then, it is normal for us to become stressed and anxious.

If we want to know our intention power and come near God, we must remove fear and anxiety from our minds.

What can we do to stay away from stress and anxiety?

Maybe there would be someone who would like to be in this condition. Who himself will throw into the stress and anxiety. First, you have to know that stress is not a physical event.

Stress is not like anything that you can’t control. Stress and anxiety are your inner reactions, which are in your control.

  • We must reflect on our thoughts and feelings first.
  • We have to ask ourselves about our thoughts, feelings, and reactions. In this condition, is it appropriate to give this reaction?
  • When you do this slowly and gradually, you will find that you will become attached to God when you think in peace.
  • Then, whatever decision you take would be God’s Way.

We all understand that if we do the right thing, as God desires, we can never meet stress and anxiety.

Karma’s Role In Life

The Universe sends the people to us as we are.

  • How many times has this happened that you trusted your close friend, and he broke your trust?

At that time, we feared not trusting those people. Occasionally, we choose the wrong partner, and they do not support us as we want. Now, it’s time to change.

Change meaning here is not the people who are in your life. But you have to change yourself first. Many times, when things happen to us, we blame other people.

But in reality, if you want good people to come into your life and be friends with the correct people, then you need to change yourself.

It means the Universe sends you those people as you are. If you are ready to deceive people, then be ready for such kinds of people to come to you.

Our body is like a transmitter that relies on our personality and vibes. When this personality reaches other people who resonate with you. This means those people who have similar personalities are attracted to you.

You will notice that friend groups that have been living together for a long time have the same thinking pattern. The same thing happened to the partners’ case. It means that if you want some special kind of people to come to you, then have a mindset for those kinds of people.

This is the only way that the Universe sends the people as you want.


You may feel alone when facing a problem or any situation. Then, you must tell yourself that you are part of that God.

When you do this, you will provide the support to work on your intentional power.

But do you know that after the intention, there is one other thing: our emotions?

If you are emotional, you may want to read the book Summary of Emotional Intelligence.

And make yourself an emotionally strong person.

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