Emotional Intelligence Summary (Danial Goleman)

Do you know we need ONE important skill for stronger relationships and greater success? That Is emotional intelligence.

Emotions are involved everywhere in all our decisions. Our emotions help us to understand us and the world around us. It also helps us to make decisions.

People usually think that emotions only come out at the time of anger or love. Unleash the potential of emotional intelligence by Danial Goleman.

KNOW. What’s the impact of emotion on your everyday life? How this emotion helps you can also fool you if you don’t use it properly.

So, let’s find out the answer to all these questions in this wonderful book summary.

Benefits Of Emotion In Human Life

Emotions are very useful things in human life. Emotion tells us what we should do.

Does emotion create a hindrance in our lives? Or can we become a better person without emotion?

The truth is that emotions are extremely useful in human life. And help us grow.

  • First Work: The first benefit of emotion is that it helps us learn from our memory. When our brain stores experiences, it does not only store the facts but also the feelings. We take the experience from the past.

For example, when a child touches a hot utensil, he feels the pain and removes his hand. Next time, he will never touch hot utensils due to his last painful experience. Like this, our emotions learn from our experiences. Give the right direction for making decisions in the future.

  • Second Work: We can interpret the feelings of others, and we can predict their actions based on these feelings.

For example, if you meet an angry person on the way, you can predict his next step after seeing his face and body language. Maybe he will beat someone.

  • Third Work: The third benefit is that it helps us make the right decisions. What steps must we take in what situation?

We discussed that if an angry man steps towards you, you will feel afraid and decide what to do. (You will go from there.) This means that people who lose their emotions cannot make decisions based on the situation.

Benefits Of Emotion In Human Life

Why Always Find Out The Company Is Bad

Emotions are a double-edged sword; sometimes, we can also cut our hands. It can help us in many ways, but we occasionally make mistakes. When we are emotionally charged, many thoughts and disturbing facts come into our minds.

In this situation, our rational thinking and good judgment do not take over the palace in our minds. It happens when you overreact in any situation.


When you see a rope, its appearance seems like a snake, and occasionally, you think your shadow is a ghost and become afraid of it. This happens when we can’t use our rational thinking and flow down with emotion.

Sometimes, we react without understanding the situation. As information reaches our brain, an emotion directly reaches the brain, bypassing a previous stage. The stage that was skipped was called the neocortex. That part is responsible for our rational thinking. Without our rational brain, our emotional brain can do that work, which harms us.

If you consider your shadow to be a ghost without rationality, you will run away from there. Our emotional mind influences everything in the experience.

But now may be a situation change from the previous one.

For instance, a boy was bullied by a classmate and became scared. Even though he was more independent and strong, the boy was afraid of people who bullied him as a child.

Like this emotion, it can be good or bad, so we must manage our emotions carefully.

Be Emotionally Smart

How can we control our emotions and be careful while managing so we don’t get hurt?

Emotional intelligence is the right answer. By this, you can recognize your feelings and manage them. You can avoid being controlled by your emotions.

  • First step: recognize your emotions and name them. Know what you really feel. Those who cannot recognize their emotions become violent by overflowing with their thoughts.
  • Second step: What is the reason behind the emotion? Sometimes, one’s emotions are influenced by one’s thoughts at the time.
  • For instance, you are on your way, meeting an old friend who didn’t see you, and moving ahead. Then you think that he was ignoring you. This thought will disturb you later on, even though you think why this happened and why he can’t see you. Think this way, and you will find the reason to make you feel calm and relaxed later on.

When you recognize and manage your thoughts and feelings, you learn emotional intelligence, which will assist you in succeeding at your goal.

When something unusual happens, you do not get disturbed and discharged; you continue to focus.

Keep A Good Balance In Your Life

Emotional intelligence provides you with social interaction. It is important to manage your feelings, but your life is not dependent on them. It’s dependent on the people around you. Management of your social interactions is very important.

Here is also emotional intelligence, which will help you. Always try to understand others by putting yourself in their shoes.

For example, if you ask your father for something, and he says no, Then it is possible that you will be angry. If you achieve emotional intelligence, then you will try to understand your father’s situation. Maybe this thing will be out of his reach. He might have been thinking about your good.

When you think like this, you will calm down, and your relationship will be better in the long term. As you become more emotionally intelligent, your behavior will become more effective, and others will follow you.

Like if you get upset with your dad because he doesn’t give you what you asked for. Then your relationship will be disturbed, and you will not get the thing as well. If you try to understand your father, it’s possible he won’t say no to you again.

Based on this, emotionally balanced people have good social relationships. And they are also excellent in personal and professional relations.

Keep A Good Balance In Your Life

How To Do Stress Management

There should be a balance between the Feeling and thinking brains. What we think and do are connected. Without our thoughts, we can’t do the work. This happens only when our thinking and feeling brains are connected to the strong neuron link.

That’s why our emotional intelligence is dependent on the connector, which links our feeling brain and Thinking Brain. If these connectors get hurt, it affects our brain and directly impacts our emotional intelligence.

Mental asylum breaks the connection between both brains with the help of medicine. Patients lose their mental capacity because of this. The connection between the thinking brain and the feeling brain is important because the thinking brain corrects the mistakes made by the feeling brain. This work is very significant for our emotional self-regulation. Stimuli initiate the process of emotional self-regulation. When some shocking news comes in front of your emotional work too fast,

Companionship Impact On Human Life

Children’s emotional intelligence has a significant impact on society’s future. Emotional intelligence makes people happy and healthy. If emotional intelligence is low, it will hurt society. As much as crime happens, it directly links to society’s less emotional intelligence. Those people who have less emotional intelligence are easily attracted to Intoxication.

Children who are surrounded by emotionally intelligent people also benefit from this. They have a great life enriched by emotional intelligence.

Children’s emotional intelligence is essential for all society. Tomorrow, when they grow up, they will become parents and take care of society and their country.

If we want to improve our society, we must start working on it now.

Self-talk Is The First Step

  • How can we improve emotional intelligence?

You can improve your emotional intelligence by focusing on talking to yourself. It is a very helpful thing.

When you speak about yourself or your feelings, you will identify with them. After recognizing it, you can easily manage it. If you are hurt by something, then ask yourself questions.

  • What happened, why I am so upset or hurt?

When you identify your feelings, you can consider the other person’s perspective. Then, you will understand that the other person does not want to hurt you, but you get hurt because of them. If you think positively about others, you will feel more empathy. In addition, you can adopt the body language of the other person.

If someone is discussing something serious, your body language should also be serious. You have to be more positive and motivated.

Self-talk Is The First Step

Control Emotions In A Critical Situation

When a fight feels inevitable, turn to emotional intelligence for a peaceful resolution.

We will now discuss some methods for using emotional intelligence to managing disagreements before they turn into full-blown fights

Emotional intelligence can help you better understand your relationship. Girls generally discuss their feelings, but males minimize them and try to hide them. When a female partner complains to a male partner, the male partner advises her. The female partner only wants someone to listen to her carefully.

It is important to pay attention only to what your partner has to say. You can also do that while having an argument with someone. If your mood becomes bad, take a break and calm down. When emotions are strong, you cannot think well about anything.

Some marriage counselors advise their customers to check their pulse rate during arguments. If their pulse rate is high, they should take some time to think rationally. At last, remember that if you criticize someone, provide him with specific information and a solution.

When you are specific about telling the mistake, then he understands his mistake easily, and there is no confusion at all.


Emotional intelligence is a scale that identifies your emotions and manages them.

Being emotionally intelligent is important for living a successful life, as it relates to academic success, job performance, and everyday success.

These are some key points in Daniel Goleman’s books. We have some other book summaries that you can read here and on our website.


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