The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Summary

Today, we are living in a world where happiness has absolutely changed.

Who can afford a holiday abroad, a big car, expensive clothes, and a big house? People think they are happy and successful.

To make a positive impact on others (society), we set a goal for material things. After a while, this goal is achieved, and to get more (desire) never ends, and as a repercussion, we have to face depression and anxiety.

At the end of life, we realize that we spent our whole life trying to achieve things that were not worth anything. Real happiness is satisfaction.

Robin Sharma’s Book The Monk Who Sold The Ferrari explains life’s most important parts in a beautiful story.

The Millionaire Who Lost It All (And Found Himself)

Julian Mantle is a successful person and a millionaire lawyer. Why would someone sell everything they own and go to a village called Shivana in India to find meaning in life?

Similar to when you cross the speed limit, you can meet the accident. You can harm yourself in many ways when you cross the limit of your greed.

It’s the story of millionaire Julian Mantle, who has won many cases in his life. This gave him a name, wealth, and the most precious thing a person can’t think about; he bought it.

To begin, rigid to get more, he makes his life restless and unhappy. He is not happy, nor does he speak with his father. His marriage was not successful at all. Just for that reason, he seems like seventy years old at the age of fifty.

And one day, he fell in a courtroom when a hospital doctor told him that he had a heart attack. In the same courtroom, there was a student; his name was John. When Julian was hospitalized, he never met anyone and never went to the courtroom to practice the law.

From Millionaire To Monk

John tries many times to meet his master, but Julian does not meet anyone. Julian has numerous questions about this incident. I constantly look for stuff that’s material, but they’re actually really helpful.

What’s the purpose of living to get fancy and showy things? This question made him feel restless, like he never felt restless before when he was more desirable.

Over the years, he made so much money that his fantasy was over quickly. To find out the truth about life. Julian sold the things one by one; first, his house. Second, he sold his Ferrari.

When he went to the Himalayas, he was surprised to see a monk living there. He meets Yogi Raman, who is over 100 years old, but his face shines like a thirty-year-old. Julian asked many questions from him. To see Julian’s rigidity and dedication, Yogi Raman lets him meet the Sivana people and tell them the secret of the perfect life of the Siwana people.

We also face a situation like this. When we spend our whole energy on useless things where we get zero percent happiness. Let’s learn about the way of life of the Shivana people.

From Millionaire To Monk

The Shivana System: The Secret Power Of Happiness

When you start a project, focus on the process instead of the result. It will eliminate the problem of overthinking and negative thoughts.

Yogi Raman promised Julian to teach the 7 rules, too. Yogi narrates the rule with the help of a story.

Imagine sitting on the beach with a beautiful garden of flowers. Within a beautiful garden, there is a red color lighthouse. Just then, a 200 kg and 9 foot long Sumo wrestler appeared from his backside. There is nothing on his body except for a pink wire. He hides only his private parts. Then, go here and there, Sumo saw a watch lying on the ground. Just as Sumo bent down to pick up the watch, he fell down. But he was soon awakened by the fragrance of the flowers. He saw nearby a way that was made of diamond. He disappeared slowly, moving in the same direction. This story ends at this point.

Like all of you, Julian also felt this story was a joke. He became impatient and asked Yogi Raman, How was this story? It’s a nonsense.

Then Yogi Raman said it was not a simple story. If you understand every element of this story, you will get the answer to your questions. I will let you know the rule’s form. I will teach you Shivana Rules and give you some practice ways.

Beautiful Garden Of Flowers: Master The Mind

Have you ever thought that if we controlled our minds, then what would happen?

Yes, Then we can achieve what we think. Yogi Raman explains the first law of the story and compares it to our mind with the flower garden. Like the beauty of this garden, it can be destroyed by the dirty and outside garbage. Like that mind, beauty can be destroyed by tension and overthinking. As Gardner kept the fregrenceful flower and cleaned the garbage, we must replace the bad thoughts with the good ones.

The simplest way is to keep yourself away from negativity as much as you can. To keep away from these kinds of thoughts, you should be focused. Your mind will be focused only when you can control yourself. Julian inquired as to how we can enhance our self-control.

Yogi Raman told Julian about the Heart Of Rose Method. In this method, take one thing and continuously see its shape, color, and design for five minutes with attention. After some time, our complete attention will come to the same thing; by this, we can not only develop our concentration, but we can judge the thoughts of our mind.

Nowadays, negative thoughts and bad news make us victims. Its direct impact comes on our productivity. So, keep this method in your mind for more productivity.

Red Color Lighthouse: Purpose To Guide You

To live a fulfilling life, there should be a goal in your life. Raman pointed out the lighthouse and said if there were no lighthouses near the sea, the ship would lose its way in the darkness of night. The sea rocks will hit ships and will get damaged.

Here, the lighthouse represents our life’s purpose. We will lose our way if we do not have a purpose in life.

  • First Step — Imagine your goal so that you can feel happiness and also give you motivation.
  • Second Step — To push yourself so you cannot feel defeated.
  • Third Step — Set a target to achieve the goal in a fixed time. Because getting the right thing at the right time is important.
  • Fourth Step — Magic rule of 21, where it becomes our habit if we do any work continuously. Through this, we can set our life’s purpose.

Sumo Wrestler: The Path To Self-Leadership

Keep yourself silent for one day. Through this, you will learn how to keep yourself disciplined. Eat less and eat only 80% of your hunger. Take less stress and live more. Yogi Raman pays more attention to this method.

The sumo wrestler is an essential symbol of the Shivana system. It’s a Japanese word, Thai sun, which means endless growth. After hard work, sumo’s body became strong. Like that, we should do hard work for ourselves.

The hidden potential will come out when we challenge ourselves. To take care of yourself, here are ten things Raman told Julian.

  1. Spend Quality time with yourself; you can do meditation or spend time with nature.
  2. Do the exercise and spend at least five hours in outdoor activity.
  3. Take less meat as much as you can and eat healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Enhance your knowledge by reading every day for at least half an hour.
  5. Learn to appreciate yourself for what you have done well.
  6. Wake up early before the sun rises. This helps our brain work better.
  7. Music can change our mood. So listen to good music.
  8. Self-talk is saying good things about yourself, and it is a good habit. What we say, we become.
  9. Give a small target to yourself and try to complete it.
  10. Learn to live an art of life. Because we have less desire, we can be happy in any situation. If we don’t have satisfaction in our life, we won’t be happy.

If you see it as a long list, you can have the right track of your life by adding it to your life.

Sumo Wrestler The Path To Self-Leadership

Pink Wire: Disciplined Life

If you want to predict a person’s future, check his daily actions (habits). Yogi Raman explains about that Pink wire. Sumo wrestlers tie a rope with small wires. These represent a small habit of our life. What we will achieve in our life will depend on our habits.

If we do not control our habits, our lives will disintegrate like playing cards. We must focus on those things that can help us control ourselves better and live our lives with discipline. When you see, these things are small, like sumo small pink wire. But when all the small wires came together, they became a cloth.

Like that sleeping on time, eating on time , doing good things doesn’t seem big but when we add it to our daily routine. It creates a good impact on our lives.

Immediately, you will not see the result, but after a long time, we can assume what will happen. Julian then understood Yogi’s words and realized that the small habits he missed out on were the main cause of his bad health. So, it is essential to be a disciple in life.

In the next chapter, we will learn about the concept of falling down while catching the clock and getting up from the fragrance of flowers.

Pink Wire Disciplined Life

Sumo Fall and Walk Up: Living In The Now

Happiness is not a destination; it’s a journey. Yogi Raman further talks about the sumo wrestler suddenly falling down, meaning.

When a sumo wrestler tries to catch the clock (time), his wait causes him to fall. Here, clock means time, and sumo is our ability. We have a lot of ability, but if we waste our time, our responsibility will increase so much that we cannot do anything. Ability can only be achieved when we utilize our time effectively. Prioritize your work instead of procrastinating.

This is how you will learn to live a life. In your inside wrestler, never fall down. Julian asked what the meaning of that flower was by that sumo became waking.

Then Yogi Raman replied,” That flower represents humility and selflessness, which is Shivan’s sixth law. When you give a flower to someone, you will also have scented hands. Real happiness is helping others.

Diamond: Your Path to Joy

You will not receive this by earning a million dollars. Now, Yogi Raman tells the seventh law about diamonds. These diamonds are the moment of happiness, which gives us lots of happiness. If we are free from future worries and live in the present moment, these moments will be more precious than diamonds.

So, don’t waste your present moment thinking about the future.

Happiness is not a goal that has to be achieved but a journey to live. He (Julian) gets all the answers to his questions when he listens to Yogi Raman’s talk. Julian learns these methods and will live his future life happily.


This book teaches us how to achieve real success and live a balanced life. Which comes from within, inner peace, not from material things or a career’s success.

The secret to a happy and complete life is to set clear priorities. Maintain a meaningful relationship and do the practice of mindfulness.

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