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Wondering how quickly you can get through your next reading material? Our user-friendly reading speed calculator is here to help.

The standard way to measure your reading speed is in words per minute (WPM). It is calculated by dividing the word counts in the text by the time spent reading the text (in minutes). With this, you’ll get an estimate of your time reading.

Enjoy a more organized reading experience with our free reading speed test, and say goodbye to guessing.

How Our Reading Speed Test Work

  1. Take a few deep breaths to improve your focus and concentration.
  2. Paste text or choose a paragraph.
  3. Click on the “Start” button. This will open the test text for you to read.
  4. Take your time to read the entire text. Keep a steady pace to absorb the information as you go.
  5. Once you have finished reading, click on the “Done Reading” button.
  6. Answer a few questions about the text. Or you can skip the same if needed.
  7. See your speed results in WPM and your comprehension percentage.

What Is a Reading Speed Test?

A Reading Speed Test measures how quickly a person can read a passage of text, usually calculated in words per minute (WPM).

Typically, a reading speed test consists of a passage of text followed by 5-10 comprehension questions about the text.

To take a reading speed test:

  1. The text is shown with a timer. The standard length is 250–300 words.
  2. The participants are instructed to read the passage at their pace.
  3. They can start timing themselves and note how long it takes them to finish the passage.
  4. When the participants have finished reading, the passage disappears, and participants are asked to answer comprehension questions from memory. They stop the timer at this point.
  5. Their words per minute (wpm) reading speed is calculated by dividing the number of words in the text by the time it took them to read it.
  6. Their comprehension score is calculated from the number of test questions they answer correctly. Most experts recommend aiming for at least 70% comprehension.
  7. Repeat this process for 2-3 different passages to get a good reading speed and comprehension score.

The reading speed test provides quick feedback on a person’s speed and how well they retained information from the text. It can be used to compare and track how well someone can read over time.

How Many Words Do We Read Per Minute?

We’ve all heard claims about people reading lightning fast, but how true is it? A recent study analyzed tons of data (190 studies!) and found some surprising things about adult reading speed in English:

  • On average, people read silently between 238 and 260 words per minute (wpm). Fiction’s a bit faster, thanks to shorter words.
  • This is slower than many think. It turns out that those superfast reading claims might be exaggerated.
  • Speaking out loud slows us down: reading aloud averages 183 wpm, about 20% slower.
  • Kids, older adults, and non-native English speakers tend to read slower.
  • Our reading speed is about as fast as we can listen: no need for fancy brain tricks, just good old listening skills.
  • Everyone’s different: some people naturally zoom through text, while others take their time. We’re still figuring out why.

Average Reading Speed

100 wpm183 wpm260 wpm

Common Words To Reading Time

Word CountEstimated Reading Time (Minutes)
2500 words10.5 minutes
3500 words14.7 minutes
4000 words16.8 minutes
5000 words21.0 minutes
6000 words25.2 minutes
7000 words29.4 minutes
8000 words33.6 minutes
9000 words37.8 minutes
10000 words42.0 minutes

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