The In-Between by Hadley Vlahos Book Summary PDF, And Review

In her book, Hadley Vlahos shares impactful experiences from her patient’s end-of-life journeys. She tells stories about how accepting mortality can change your view of life.

She talks about how people feel when someone dies, like a woman who is still very religious and a man who sees his daughter who died.

The In-Between thoughtfully confronts taboos around mortality. Vlahos shows how end-of-life preparation leads to living more meaningfully.

She shows us, with humility and compassion, that death can teach us as much about appreciating life as it does about the process of dying.

In this blog post, I’ll summarize the key ideas of “The In-Between.” You’ll learn about the authors’ insights on living a purpose-driven life.

The article reviews the book and guides readers on where to obtain a PDF version.

Let’s Dive In!

The In-Between

The In-Between by Hadley Vlahos, RN
Publication Date: 13 June 2023
Publisher:  Ballantine Books
Page Count: 288 pages
Publication Format: Print BookKindle (Ebook)Audiobook, PDF
Edition: N/A
Series:  N/A
Average Rating On Amazon:   4.8 out of 5 stars
Average Rating On Goodreads: 4.6 out of 5 stars
ISBN13: 978-0593499931
Author Hadley Vlahos, RN: Website, TwitterGoodreads
Genres: Nonfiction, Memoir, Death, Health, Spirituality

About The In-Between Book

“The In-Between” is a memoir written by Hadley Vlahos, a hospice nurse, recounting her experiences caring for patients during their final moments. 

The book presents a sympathetic and insightful perspective on providing end-of-life care and the potential for caring for others to transform a person’s life.

The stories of her patients include those of a woman who never doubted her faith until she was dying. A man who saw visions of his late daughter and a young person who regrets worrying too much about what others think about her. 

The book is described as heartbreaking, tender, and transformative. It offers wisdom and comfort for those who are dealing with loss.

It has received positive reviews from readers and critics alike.

About The In-Between Book
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Who Is Hadley Vlahos, RN 

Hadley Vlahos, RN, is a hospice registered nurse, palliative care provider, non-profit-making founder, author, content creator, mother, and wife. Vlahos started her career as a registered nurse at twenty-two.

Her husband also works in the medical field as a doctor of physical therapy.

As a hospice nurse, she now visits people at their homes and educates and shares stories about hospice care on social media. She has over a million followers. She is also a TikTok star with over two million followers on social media.

She is the author of the memoir “The In-Between,” which recounts her experiences caring for patients during their final moments of life.

Vlahos has gained profound insights into the field of hospice care, and she is changing the narrative on end-of-life care.

Despite her newfound success as an author and social media influencer, Vlahos still works as a hospice nurse outside New Orleans.

The In-Between Book Reviews

  • This book wasn’t exactly what I expected. I expected to read many stories of hospice patients and the experiences the patients and the hospice nurse had during their time of passing. Instead, there was some of that and there was way more about the author’s life, some relating to her patients. That didn’t make the book bad, but it did make it a different type of read.
  • I recommend this to everyone. The kind of comfort you will get from reading this book will warm you from the inside while still breaking your heart. Thank you, Nurse Hadley, for sharing your experiences, thoughts, and self with the world: we are all the better for it.
  • After going through bouts of grief these last few months, I stumbled across Hadley on TikTok. I took comfort in her stories and explanations of grief, so when her book came out, I knew I had to read it. I finished the book in about 24 hours and, quite honestly, will probably read it again. Hadley describes her experiences and life in such a way that you feel you also know her patients. It is the first time in months I have felt at peace and felt as though I can accept the loss of my loved one. It also opened my mind to a new way of considering what happens next. Hadley’s book is full of peace and comfort, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering buying it.
The In-Between by Hadley Vlahos Book
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Table Of Contents The In-Between Book

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Glenda
  • Chapter Two: Carl
  • Chapter Three: Sue
  • Chapter Four: Sandra
  • Chapter Five: Elizabeth
  • Chapter Six: Edith
  • Chapter Seven: Reggie
  • Chapter Eight: Lily
  • Chapter Nine: Babette
  • Chapter Ten: Albert
  • Chapter Eleven: Frank
  • Chapter Twelve: Adam
  • Conclusion

The In-Between Book Summary

This book narrates the compelling journey of a young hospice nurse, exploring the intertwining paths of her personal life and professional career.

Initially startled by her choice, people often wonder how she handles such emotionally taxing work.

However, she finds beauty and awe in her role, gaining unique insights into life, love, and wisdom as she assists those nearing life’s end.

Hospice care, for her, isn’t just a job; it’s a deeply human experience, allowing her to witness profound moments as people transition to what she believes lies beyond.

Understanding, acceptance, and the beauty found in the final moments are some things this narrative is about.

Her role as a hospice nurse involves guiding patients and their families, and creating a comfortable, loving space during their last days.

The book delves into her personal story—how she diverged from her initial dream of becoming a writer to embrace nursing.

She recounts her upbringing, surrounded by discussions of death due to her family’s involvement in funeral services, which normalized the concept for her.

A defining moment in her life was the sudden death of a close friend, which shook her beliefs and set her on a path of questioning and seeking purpose.

Unexpectedly becoming a young mother, she faced a pivotal life change that led her to nursing.

The journey was not straightforward; it involved struggles, self-discovery, and ultimately finding her calling in hospice care.

Through her experiences, she came to understand and appreciate the complex emotions surrounding death and the peace that can be found in acceptance.

This book aims to demystify death and dying, offering readers a window into the often misunderstood world of hospice care.

It’s a story of transformation, resilience, and the profound impact of caring for those at the end of their journey.

Her experiences show that she believes in something bigger than our physical existence. She has seen moments that don’t make sense, and they suggest a peaceful transition to what comes next.

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